Privacy Policy of

This Application collects some Personal Data of its Users.

Personal data collected for the following purposes and using the following services:

    • Access to accounts on third party services

      • Access to Facebook account

        Permissions: 'About me' from friends; Access to private data; Access to posts contained in the User's timeline; Access to activities; Access to friends lists; Access to personalized lists of friends; Access to requests; Access to the News Feed; Offline access; Access to the CTA page; Political and religious adherence of friends; Status update; Friends activities; Activities of friends with Apps and Games; App and Games Activities; Action music.listen; Actions 'news.reads'; Actions ''; Friends '' actions; Fitness actions; Stocks books; Actions music.listens of friends; Friends actions; Personalized actions of the user's friends; Custom user actions; Business Management API; Upload photos; Uploading videos; Chat; Check in; Checkin of friends; City; City of friends; City of origin; City of origin of friends; Sharing; Political and religious beliefs; Create Events; Create notes; Birthday date; Birthday dates of friends; Usage data; Deal; Requests; Questions from friends; Education; Education of friends; E-mail; Contact email; Export posts; Events; Friends events; Age range; Photo; Photos of friends; Time zone of the User of the Page; Ads management; Management of comments on the Page; Management of Instagram statistical data; Group management; Mailbox management; Management of notifications; Page management; Manage Instagram content; Manage instant articles; Manage call to action buttons on a Page; Manage the adverts on the Page; Manage inventory; Manage page metadata; Manage posts on the page; Manage WhatsApp Business; Manage Lists of Friends; Groups; Groups of friends; Information on group members; device information; Insight; Instagram basic; Interest; Interests of friends; Sending notifications; Sending SMS; Reading advertisements; Read content published by the Page; Read statistical data; Read the content generated by the Users on the Page; Read the content of a group; Read the attributions; Read page messages; Reading the mailbox; Link; Friends list; Linguistic localization of the User of the Page; Places tagged; Family members and relationship status; Family members and friends' relationship status; Mobile messaging on behalf of the page; I like; I like friends; Show list of managed pages; Note; Notes of friends; Page Messaging; Geographic location of the User; Online presence; Online presence of friends; Publish as a page; Post Like on the Wall; Publish content in groups; Publish videos; Publication of checkins; Publication of the app activity; Publication on the Notice Board; Retrieve contacts; Relations of friends; User relationships; RSVP to events; Sex; Friends' websites; Website; Subscriptions from friends; User Subscriptions; Status of friends; User status; Work history; Work history of friends; Tracking Tool; On me; Video

    • Payment management

      • Apple Pay

        Personal Data: various types of Data as specified in the privacy policy of the service

    • Infrastructure monitoring

      • Bugsnag

        Personal Data: surname; date of birth; Usage data; e-mail; physical address; device information; app information; device log; nation; first name; telephone number; geographic location; screen; sex; Tracking Tool; username; various types of data as specified in the privacy policy of the service

    • Advertising

      • Pinterest Ads

        Personal Data: Usage data; User ID; device information; Tracking Tool

    • Registration and authentication

      • Pinterest OAuth

        Personal Data: various types of Data as specified in the privacy policy of the service

    • Platform and hosting services

      • Shopify

        Personal Data: surname; Usage data; e-mail; billing address; shipping address; payment information; device information; first name; telephone number; Tracking Tool

    • Statistics

      • Google Analytics

        Personal Data: Usage data; Tracking Tool

      • Facebook Analytics for Apps

        Personal Data: Usage data; various types of data as specified in the privacy policy of the service

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